Stress Urinary Incontinence: Causes and Treatment Options

Stress urinary incontinenceIf you struggle to hold your bladder when you laugh, sneeze, or exert yourself, you may have stress urinary incontinence (SUI). SUI can be embarrassing, causing you to isolate yourself in order to avoid any incidents happening in front of people you may know. But by understanding SUI and its causes, you can better understand it and seek treatment.

What Is SUI?

Urinary incontinence is why you unintentionally leak urine. SUI means that physical activity puts pressure, or stress, on the bladder and causes the urine to leak out without your control. This may include lifting an object, laughing, sneezing, and running.

What Causes SUI? 

It may happen because the tissues and muscles supporting the bladder and urethra have become weak, allowing the area where the urethra and bladder connect to descend. When it descends, it becomes harder to prevent the urine from leaking out. It may also be caused by a weakened sphincter muscle in the urethra.

Weakness may be caused by pregnancy, aging, pelvic surgery, and more.

Are There Treatment Options for SUI?

Skin M.D. and Beyond provides vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVA. Many women seek vaginal rejuvenation to restore their vaginal muscles after childbirth, which tends to stretch the tissue and muscles.

ThermiVA is a non-surgical procedure that delivers radiofrequency to the external and internal regions (labia and vaginal), heating the tissue. This will cause them to contract and tighten, rejuvenating collagen and improving vaginal cell health. The result is tighter vaginal and vulvar tissue, allowing you to better control your urine.

Other benefits include the alleviation of vaginal dryness, renewed confidence, and enhanced sexual enjoyment. Plus, it’s non-invasive, so there’s no downtime or scarring.

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If you have SUI, Skin M.D. and Beyond provides vaginal rejuvenation in Plano, TX. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of ThermiVA, it can also help to tighten the muscles and treat SUI.

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