The Need for Exfoliation in Colder Climates

Winter season can be unforgiving to our skin. Indoors it’s hot, outdoors it’s cold, and your skin is constantly exposed to variations in temperature. With the unforgiving weather and the temperature change, it takes a toll on your skin which draws moisture out of your skin and contributes to the lack of moisture that your skin will experience leading to dry, scaly and itchy skin. When this happens most of us apply a skin lotion or a moisturizer thinking that it would cure the issue. But the first step should be to exfoliate!  Clearing dead skin cells allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin efficiently. We recommend using a glycolic, which will safely help exfoliate the skin. 

Dr. Wright’s Tips

By including a glycolic into your skin regime, you will not only notice that your skin texture is smoother, but there will be better absorption of your moisturizer.  Glycolic is common in anti-aging products, it exfoliates the surface layer of the epidermis, making the skin smoother by promoting healthy cell growth to replace dead skin cells. In colder climate if you are looking for a glycolic based product I recommend my REFINING FACIAL CREAM with 10% or 20% glycolic. This nighttime skin-refining moisturizer is a potent line minimizing treatment. This high-powered cream features 10% or 20% glycolic to gently exfoliate dead skin cells to dramatically improve your appearance by revealing newer, youthful skin under the surface. A perfect answer for the winter, because it will allow better penetration of your skin lotions and potions.

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