The Do’s and Don’ts for Winter Make-Up Tips

During this time of season, it is tough to achieve that flawless, radiant skin. But with the right regime, Make- up can be a girl’s best friend. It can help you hide certain flaws and emphasize certain facial features. Make-up can also transform a person’s appearance. When it comes to applying make-up in the winter there are certain things you should keep in mind for a healthy skin complexion. Here are some things that are allowed and some things you should definitely avoid when it comes to cosmetics:

  • DO make sure to wear make-up designed for your skin type.
  • DO moisturize 5 minutes before you apply make-up.
  • DO avoid heavy foundation that can accentuate creases and wrinkles.  
  • DON’T use cream blush, instead finish with a light powder.
  • Do apply a lip balm for moisture – especially at night.  

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Winter can be harsh on our skin, because there is an extra need for hydration. When we apply make-up over our skin it can make matters worst or be beneficial. When choosing make-up for your skin it is very important to choose one that is designed for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you wouldn’t choose a foundation that is formulated with an oil base. By using an oil based foundation you can clog your pores which can lead to breakouts. The same applies to dry skin, if you choose a matte finish or use a powder foundation, it can make skin look dry and dull. Therefore, make sure you choose make-up based on your skin type. Moisture is a key during winter, even if you are oily. By applying a moisturizer to your skin before make-up-  it will allow your make-up to last longer plus gives a protective barrier to the skin against old man winter.

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