The 500 Calorie Diet-HCG!

How can you possibly survive on 500 calories a day? The answer is HCG! By starting this diet under medical supervision, living on 500 calories (for a short period of time) is possible.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

The HCG Diet seems to be one of the most popular and quickest ways to lose weight. But one question that many people wonder is – how likely is it that you can live on 500 calories a day? With a small injection every day of the hormone HCG, the hormone actually taps into the abnormal fat deposits and brings the fat into the blood stream. By doing this, it makes this fat (which is thousands of calories) readily available for your body to burn. Therefore, your body does not need more than 500 calories if there is already so much available for metabolism.  This is the same way that overweight woman will try to avoid gaining weight during their pregnancy – because they are trying to burn stored fat for their pregnancy’s needs, rather than taking in new calories. The diet is strict but at SKIN MD and Beyond we will provide you with written instructions and several diet options.  If you follow this correctly and get help from a medical professional you can usually drop a pound a day.

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