Skin Perfecting Peels and What is Best for You.

Chemical peels treat fine lines and wrinkles, leathery, sun damaged skin, acne and acne scars, blotchiness, brown spots, freckles and irregular pigmentation. Depending on the strength of the peel – light, medium or deep – a peel will penetrate to different levels and each will create a different cosmetic outcome.

 Light Peels or mild peels are superficial and are good for fighting acne breakouts and minimizing the appearance of sun damage. Medium Peels are best for correcting uneven tones and extreme hyperpigmentation. Deeper Peels are best for severe scarring and wrinkles. If you have oily skin and are contemplating a chemical peel, aim for an alpha or beta-hydroxy peel. An beta-hydroxy peel, which contains salicylic acid, is oil-soluble and can penetrate deep to clean out clogged pores and regulate sebum. For an excellent way to jump start collagen and elastin production, try try getting an alpha-hydroxy ( glycolic) peel or a TCA (tricloracetic acid) peel  which can also help correct acne scars, reduce discoloration, and improve overall texture. If you are sensitive or suffer from various skin conditions such as rosacea r eczema, you may want to consider a lactic acid peel, which is derived from sour milk, which offers a subtle lightening effect.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Make sure to plan ahead before a deep chemical peel because you will want to consider the down time. For acne scars, healing may take several days, depending on the peel depth, usually ranging 4-7 days.  Your skin will require the use of sun block for several months after this procedure.  This is a must!  Deep TCA peels are aggressive and do require limited-to-no-sun exposure for 4-6 weeks after treatment. Deep chemicals peels are available, however, due to their unpredictability,  I prefer to use safer, more reliable lasers for these treatments.

If you want good results from chemical peels it is best to have them done in a series, rather than in one treatment. This way you will have long term benefits and better looking skin. Seek a professional for a consultation regarding chemicals peels to see what option is best for you.

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