The Facts about of Vitamin A

You can find Retinyl and Retinol products everywhere over the counter . Some patients are unsure of the benefits of these products. However, we know they fight the signs of aging. Today we will provide the truth of vitamin A based products.

The facts about Vitamin a products is that they come in many forms and strengths.  Retinoic Acid, is a prescriptive strength vitamin A in its purest and most active form. It penetrates deeply into the skin, where it becomes fully operative. Wrinkles and lines are gradually smoothed, moisture and elasticity increase, the complexion glows and damage is diminished.  However, for many, this form can be very irritating, and so other alternatives may be a better choice.  Look for products with retrinal, retinol, and retinyl palmitate when considering other options.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
One thing to know about the natural forms of vitamin A, Retin-A and Renova, is that they are considered pharmaceuticals and can only be prescribed by a doctor. Some people are unaware of the difference, however there is a difference. Retinol is not a pharmaceutical, thus it isn’t prescribed by doctors for acne treatment. However, due to the increased exfoliation and skin renewal benefits of retinol, some OTC retinol products that target acne have had good results, leaving your skin looking clearer and less clogged. What you can expect with Retinol is diminished fine lines and wrinkles, a smoother overall appearance of facial contours and evened out skin tone. You may also notice your skin becoming more supple and healthier- looking. Try our FLAWLESS TREATMENT PADS which come in three different strengths of Retinol to help you achieve the best complexion for your skin’s needs.

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