Quench the Drought.

Like every organ in the human body, water is the main component of the skin. Moisture and hydration is very important when it comes to skin, especially during the hot weather in August. Over time we often find the moisture content of our skin tends to decline. Just like a sponge when it becomes dry, it flakes and deteriorates. However, once wet, that sponge becomes extremely pliable. Dry skin can be mild or severe. Severe cases can create a gray-white skin discoloration or dry, rough, scaly patches with cracks or fissures that can cause burning and stinging.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
To treat dry skin you will need to increase your hydration. Just drinking water alone will not do   you will have to improve the hydration of your skin by using topical humectants. Humectants are molecules that act as water magnets to help hydrate the different layers of the skin. Humectants also combine with emollients to help smooth and soften skin. Aim for humectants in skincare products such as glycerin, PCA, honey, amino acids, lactic acid, propylene glycol, pathenol and hyaluronic acid. Avoid alcohol based skincare products, which only dehydrate the skin. Remember to maximize the benefit of your moisturizer by using the “3 Minute Skin Rule”. This is when you apply moisturizer within 3 minutes after cleansing, which will help lock in and bind the water left on your skin. Try our ULTRA HYDRATING MOISTURIZER, which is our best moisturizer for the summer. When skin craves moisture, it appears dehydrated and lacks luster. To boost your natural glow, especially in the summer, this oil-free moisturizer will restore skin to its former quenched, supple and positively shining state.

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