No Waxing after 40!

Facial waxing has been around for ages. It is a quick fix for getting gorgeous, defined eyebrows.  Also, waxing is a great way to have smooth skin and not bear the resemblance of Sasquatch (Big Foot). However, once we reach a certain age you need to look into other methods besides waxing.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Once you reach a mature age, you will need to trade the wax in for other methods. The reason being is that if you are introducing any anti-aging ingredients such as Retin-A, glycolic, salicylic, or any chemical peel treatments, waxing can remove (tear) the skin and create pigmentation. We all want defined brows, because with defined brows it brings youthfulness Also, to have no facial hair is every woman’s dream. But as you age, you need to make a choice whether you want wrinkles or to have defined brows by using wax. I know it is a quick fix and takes little to no time, but in the end it could scar the skin. There are other methods like threading, plucking, microplaning or laser hair removal. However, if you do still decide on waxing, then one thing that you want to be cautious of is to only remove minimal amounts of hair at a time. Waxing can kill the root of the hair, just like laser hair removal. Therefore the hair will not come back.

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