One of the Best Ways to Nourish your Skin is to Drink Plenty of Water.

Water assists the body with its natural elimination process by flushing unwanted toxins out.  Did you know… crankiness and irritability are some of the first signs that a person is dehydrated? So a good thing to do the next time your sweetie gets a little moody, is to say nothing and just give them a little water! You can also help yourself by keeping a never-ending supply of water at your own desk at work, or wherever you spend most of your time. On days that I want to pamper myself, I like to mix things up by drinking some sparkling water with a slice of lemon, orange or cucumber.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Skin is intricately tied to the overall health of your body. When your body is properly hydrated, you will look better and feel better. And remember that you don’t need to just drink your water you can eat your water as well. Water heavy foods penetrate cells better than fluids alone. By eating watermelon, cucumbers and celery, they will also be able to hydrate thirsty skin. Adequate water will reward you in many ways; 1) Enhanced health, 2) Increased energy, 3) Bright, clear eyes, 4) A radiant complexion and bloating and puffiness often disappear.

How does this liquid work its magic? Water carries nutrients to every cell in your body and helps flush out nasty toxins to improve circulation and blood flow. This means less breakouts of acne and a better ability to repair damaged skin cells which can improve the collagen and elasticity to the skin. The final result will ultimately be radiant looking skin!  Then for an additional “skin pick me up”, you can use a water spritzer that will supply the vital moisture that your skin so desperately needs to look soft, supple, healthy, and young looking.

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