Don’t Let Your Eye Liner Run!

This summer I know we will see a lot of running eyeliner. Sweat and tears can be drastic to any non-waterproof eyeliner. It can run and sit under the eye making you look older and run down.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
One cure for running eyeliner would be to invest in a waterproof one. This August, we have been experiencing hot and humid weather. For some, enjoying their day at a pool or beach can be an “eyeliner enemy” as it will sweat or splash off, leaving streaks behind that look like dark circles! To help with this problem, when applying your eyeliner, make sure the eye area is not over-moisturized with eye creams. Over-moisturized eyes can cause your eyeliner to spread and become unstable. But the best trick of all is too aim for waterproof eyeliner and when applying set with a powder shadow in the same color family.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX