Is your Skin Experiencing a Winter Drought?


During the colder months, many people find that the moisture content of their skin tends to decline and they need to change their moisturizer. Just like a sponge when it becomes dry, it flakes and deteriorates and fine lines become even more noticeable. Even for those who have oilier skin during the summer, you can still experience a drastic change during the winter – what was once oily is now dry and rough. But we have the answer for your acne prone skin, as Fiona Wright MD ULTRA HYDRATING MOISTURIZER has been heaven sent to those with problematic oily and sometimes dry skin.

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Dr. Wright’s Tip:

Treating dry skin can be frustrating to those who usually have oily acne-prone skin during the summer- and even more when you need to add a moisturizer for the winter! Just drinking water alone will not always improve the hydration of your skin. By using a topical hydrating humectant it will act as a water magnet to help hydrate the different layers of the skin, without making them oily! Humectants also combine with emollients to help smooth and soften your skin too! My ULTRA HYDRATING MOISTURIZER is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin during any season, hot or cold. To boost your natural glow, especially in the winter, this oil-free moisturizer will restore skin to its former quenched, supple and positively shining state.

Remember to maximize the benefit of your moisturizer by using the “3 Minute Skin Rule”. This is when you apply moisturizer within 3 minutes after cleansing, which will help lock in and bind the water left on your skin. It is also important to remember to avoid alcohol based skincare products, which only dehydrate the skin which can be found in many acne products.

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