Lose the Double Chin without Surgery NBC Evening News – and Interview with Dr. Fiona Wright Aired on Monday, December 14th


With the latest treatments of KYBELLA and ThermiSHAPE showing terrific results, we were thrilled to be asked by NBC to talk about it and we all had a great time with Bianca Castro of the NBC news team!  I like to give a BIG shout out to Lori Stacy who was our star patient as she highlighted the benefits and why she opted for treatment with ThermiShape after noticing sagging skin in her chin area.


I also would like to give a big “thank you” to the team at Skin MD and Beyond who were stellar as usual.  Please watch from the link below as I bring the latest news to you and look for the cameo appearance from our staff, Lindsay and Nancy!


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Here are some of the highlights from the News Broadcast;


“I have an aggressive schedule and I just want to have a procedure that’s not gonna really impact that,” said Stacy.


The results of the treatment surprised Stacy.  “It was a little bit surprising because I think when you look at your own face, you don’t necessarily see all the improvements, but the pictures told a different story. I was pretty impressed. You could see less loose skin, but what was really more prevalent to me was the lift in the jawline. And the treatment was easy, fast and effective – which is what I was looking for.”  she says.


“Radio frequency energy can be used to heat deeper tissues. Lots of different companies use this technology and it’s well known to remodel collagen and when you get that temperature a right level, about 42 to 45 degrees, you can actually tighten the skin,” said Wright.


The ThermiShape treatment will run patients between $2,000 and $2,500 and consists of four to five 30-minute treatments over the course of two months.

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