Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Nothing is worst than wearing your favorite bikini and having embarrassing hair showing. Of course you can shave, but then the result could be painful razor burns and bumps. Today, there are so many options in hair removal, deciding which option is best can be difficult. A sleek physique, without embarrassing body hair is what everyone dreams about. In a world of constant change and beauty advancement, there are many options for hair removal.

Dr. Wright Tip
Dare to be bare with your choice of hair removal. One method that we all know is shaving. Shaving is the quick and easy way, but it can lead to ingrown hairs, painful razor bumps and burns. I know that there is nothing better than paying about $7.50 for the latest Gillette razor that promises a clean shave with an aloe strip to prevent razor burn. Think again, because you will be doing the same thing in 3 days. Results from shaving leaves you with smooth skin within minutes, and stubbly regrowth within a day or two. You can aim for a depilatory, which is a hair removal cream or mousse. The pleasure of this miracle cream is that you receive smooth legs in minutes, without razor burn. However, just like shaving, you will be back at square one with removing the hair in the next 2-3 days. If you have sensitive skin, you may receive irritation from the harsh chemicals that are covered up with the smell of cucumbers or melon. Waxing is the next alternative, but can you say OUCH. It hurts me just thinking about it. Because the hair is removed at the root, skin can stay bare for up to six weeks. More women however, are opting for laser treatments or electrolysis for hair removal. These procedures are done by a skilled aesthetician, and require several treatments, but the results are permanent. The procedure can be a little discomforting, but it is better than having to deal with razor burns and bumps. With the different options and information on hair removal, you can find out what is best for you. We want to look our best for the summer, especially in our swim wear. If you choose a permanent option, schedule a consultation with an aesthetician or a doctor to see if this right for you.

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