When in Paris – Do as the Parisiennes…. Drink Wine!

Montmartre has always attracted the crowds to its basilica-topped butte, Sacré-Coeur . Many come to lose themselves in the historic village atmosphere of cobblestoned passages, secret gardens, and tiny cabarets immortalized by their favorite artists and writers. But, Montmartre is more than just a pretty postcard from the past. It’s also a lively Parisian neighborhood full of young designer’s boutiques and trendy local bars.

Tim and I spent the day exploring Montmartre with our private, wine-connoisseur, travel-guide!  We thought that the best way to see the area, was to visit the local wine shops!  As well, we went to Place du Tertre. This famous area can be viewed from Sacré-Coeur, where the local artists and local wine bistros come to life!

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