Great News from Great Britain!

I am writing this blog to everyone as I wait in the airport to return home from the UK.  The weather was great, and I did a lot of walking! The picture I have attached is of Buckingham Palace – as I had a day of touring in London.  I also did a tour of Westminster Abbey where Kate and William were married – but unfortunately no pictures were allowed.

As I write, I am returning from an excellent dermatology conference at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales.  This was a two day intense workshop on the recent developments in medical skincare.  Although many topics were discussed, my main interest was on the latest management for acne and rosacea.  These two skin conditions are the most common medical concerns that my patients have.   Many people are familiar with the use of topical creams and oral medications for these conditions – but not as many know about the very successful results you can achieve with PHOTODYNAMIC LIGHT THERAPY. 

Photodynamic therapy use a specific light source (blue for acne, and green for rosacea) to destroy the root of the problem.  In acne, you will notice a decrease in oil, black heads and inflammation. For rosacea, you will be delighted to have a reduction in general redness, blood vessel and inflammation also.   At Skin MD and Beyond, we have been performing these treatments for over 7 years and with great success! And now that I am returning back to work, I am very excited to discuss with you, all the benefits you can achieve!  Cheerio from the UK! Dr Wright.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX