Skincare Myth: Expensive Skin Care Products Work Best

This is false. My favorite and probably best skincare product is our Dual BP Scrub which is $27.95. This is a powerful dual cleanser that combines a safe form of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to treat acne and oily skin with fine cleansing beads to remove dead skin cells and blockage. Who said good skincare has to be expensive. I aim for ingredients and what actually works. Instead of looking at the design, look at the active ingredient and the percentage it uses to know if it works.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Good skincare does not have to be expensive. Knowing what is right for your skin will keep the guess work out and money loss low in buying the right products. Knowledge is power, so if you don’t know what works for your skin you could end up purchasing a $90 bottle of facial wash that has the same ingredients as a $20 bottle of facial wash. Get to know your skin and the ingredients out there so you can have great skin without hurting your pocket book. Check out my blog and read about some of our top selling Fiona Wright MD Skincare products that are under $30! Exfoliating Cleanser, Dual BP Scrub, All-in-One Acne Cleanser, Replenishing Toner, Purifying Toner and Acne Quick Fix.

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