Do you Cake your Make-Up On? Then you may want to Wipe, Wash and Tone

To remove make-up completely try using a make-up remover wipe. I recommend a facial wipe that removes both mascara and make-up. If you have sensitive skin try facial wipes that include aloe or lavender. Then follow next by using a facial wash, this may be foam, gel or a cream wash. 

Dr. Wright’ Tip

If you still feel that all the make-up is not completely removed, after using the make-up wipes and facial cleanser, then you may want to end with a toner or astringent. Well formulated toners help to reduce inflammation of the skin, add water-binding agents and natural moisturizing ingredients to the skin, as well as to help remove those last traces of make-up. Toners can also provide some antioxidant and anti-irritant protection. Our REPLENISHING TONER is a great way to remove caked on make-up. It not only cleanses but it also soothes irritated skin with natural botanicals. It is a product that no skin should be without. REPLENISHING TONER is a Green Tea infused hydrating spray which offers a refreshing blend of calming botanicals and potent anti-oxidants. Designed to rebalance, hydrate and condition your skin, it will gently and effectively remove the final residue from cleansing.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX