For Men, Shaving is always Rough on your Face, so get it done “Wright”

When it comes to shaving, know your product and what you are using for a clean and safe shave. A good quality sharp razor that has a four row blade is a good for a close shave. It is important to avoid cheap razors that pull and tug on the hair follicle. This can cause razor burns and also, ingrown hairs. If you have acne, shave lightly over acne-affected areas and try not to drag your razor or nick pimples. Be gentle and heat your skin first with a hot rag to soften the follicle and help with a easier cut of the beard. Make sure to go in the direction of the hair growth. I know some may believe that they should go against the grain, which will give a better shave, but this can actually cause razor burns, cuts, and ingrown hairs. First go with the direction of your hair growth and then shave in the other direction (against the grain).  

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Remember the key for a good shave with less irritation, is your shaving lubrication. A terrific product line that my husband, Dr. Tim uses is , “The Art of Shaving” by Gilette.  For men, an aftershave lotion is also important. It reduces the irritation and helps to soothe the skin after shaving. Aftershave can be a liquid, cream or gel. Applying aftershave will prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs. For a more refreshing shave try my toner- REPLENISHING TONER, that is infused with hydrating calming botanicals and potent anti-oxidants. Designed to rebalance, hydrate and condition your skin, it will gently and effectively remove the final residue from cleansing.   This REPLENISHING TONER will soothe any skin and reduce any irritation after shaving.


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