What is BROTOX?? It’s Men who have Given it a Shot… at BOTOX!

When it comes to the fine lines and wrinkles that comes along with aging, more men than ever before are opting for BOTOX injections. Men feel increasingly pressured to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market and that is why many are choosing non-surgical aesthetic procedures to maintain their vital appearance. Both Dr. Fiona & Tim Wright remark that their male patients who have come to them for Botox, claim to look and feel better about themselves and believe that Botox gains them a career advantage

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Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

Nowadays with the fading social stigma associated with non-surgical cosmetic procedures, men are realizing what women have known for a long time and the large influx of men having treatments at Skin MD and Beyond is exciting!  As men decide to give BROTOX a try, Dr. Tim or I will discuss the refreshed look that you are hoping to achieve at your appointment. Since there are significant differences in the outcome of injectables in women and men, it is important that you are well educated on what can be achieved and that you choose a doctor who knows the facial anatomy of a man. Dr. Tim and I take into account each patient’s muscle mass, muscle fiber pattern and hair distribution to achieve the most natural yet rejuvenated look.

The results speak for themselves!


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