Even in the Winter, there is Always the Need for Sunscreen

Even with the summer as a distant memory, some things should not be forgotten – and that is the need for daily sunscreen. During the colder season, the days are colder and there is less sun to keep us warm, and we trade in the bikini for a warm winter coat. However, just because there is less sun does not mean we should trade in our SPF, as the sun can still cause aging damage with the daily UV rays to the skin.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

People tend to forget about the sun in the winter but it can still be very damaging to your skin. Studies show that only 2% of Americans wear sunscreen in the winter.  Did you know that even snow can reflect 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays; in which UVA radiation is the main cause of skin cancer? Just as many people get burned on the ski slopes in the winter as in the pool in the summer.  In Texas, the sun is intense all year – and UVA rays will penetrate glass and fade your furniture as well as fade away your youthfulness. It is very important to wear sunscreen during both the hot and cold season. Make sure to reapply every 2 hours or more and avoid unnecessary sun exposure.  So stay warm and wear sunscreen. In my skincare line, I carry PREVIA ANTI-AGING SPF 45.  It has the combination of a moisturizing protective tint with all the anti-oxidants to fight the signs of aging.

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