It’s Skin Cancer Prevention Month! Protect Your Skin from the Sun and Fight Aging with Fiona Wright MD Sun Care!


May is Skin Cancer/Melanoma Prevention Month and with summer around the corner, it is the time for us to bare all and show our beautiful skin! While some of you have been also taking care of your skin during the winter, it’s even more important during the hot summer sunny days! One of our favorite sunscreen products that protects with a hint of tint is Fiona Wright MD’s Green Tea Fortified Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen, SPF 50.

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Dr. Wright’s Tip:

For us Texans, we love to take advantage of perfect weather and we head outdoors. While this month is Skin Cancer Prevention Month, it is never too late to start adding sun protection to your daily regimen. It is not only beneficial for your skin, but also for your well-being. Sunscreens will fight against UVA and UVB rays that play havoc on the skin during those great sunny days. It also protects blemish and scarring pigmentation from getting darker, which can be un-flattering to your skin.

Try my Green Tea Fortified Anti-PhotoAging Sunscreen, SPF 50 which is a tinted, moisturizing sunscreen that is fortified with a unique antioxidant formulation which offers the highest level of Green Tea Polyphenols to counteract the effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays and deactivating them before they cause harm. This unique 3-in-1 sunscreen is designed to: 1) offer the full benefits of sun protection, 2) provide potent anti-oxidants to fight aging, and 3) allow botanicals to soothe and correct sun damage. For that glowing tan some of us crave in the summer season, apply body bronzers instead of laying out. Stay away from tanning booths, as the UV rays are more dangerous than the sun’s harmful rays!

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