The Best Sunscreen for Acne or Sensitive Skin Sufferers


By this day and age, we are all aware of the risks of frequent sun exposure and health risks without proper sun protection. While there are many sunscreens to choose from, a majority of acne-prone and active acne sufferers, as well as sensitive skin types, have difficulty finding a sunscreen that won’t break them out.  But we have your answer! As Fiona Wright MD has created a sunscreen specifically formulated a broad spectrum sunscreen for acne/acne-prone/sensitive skin types!

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Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

One of the top questions I ask my patients in a Skin Consultation is, “Do you use a sunscreen everyday”? Understandably, many of my patients who suffer from acne or skin allergies tend to be more concerned about breakouts than wrinkles or sunspots, and their reluctance to use sunscreen daily may be from negative experiences with sunscreens worsening their complexion. As it is quite true that certain ingredients can aggravate their skin, my answer to these concerns is to have available a sunscreen with a potent level of the anti-inflammatory zinc, which is a favorite for my acne and sensitive skin patients.

My Oil & Chemical Free Matte Finish Broad Spectrum SPF30   will work wonders with skin that is sensitive to most sunscreens. This moisturizing formula of 17% Miconized Zinc provides the highest level of the beneficial anti-inflammatory effects of zinc, while providing a of broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB protection.  This sunscreen is also free of chemicals such as PABA, oxybenzone, cinnmamates or Parsol that has shown to aggravate the most sensitive skin.  Oil & Chemical Free Matte Finish Broad Spectrum SPF30   – Chemical and oil-free, it never feels heavy or oily, and gives a long-lasting, oil-free matte finish- perfect to apply over makeup.

Try it and love it!

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX