Don’t Be a Leopard, Conceal Your Spots…

Don’t you wish you had a magic eraser, in which you could erase every imperfection on your body? I know if I did, it would be down to nothing because of constant use. Blemishes and pigmentation spots are what I would like to remove. I am tired of disguising every blemish I have into a beauty mark, because eventually I will look like a leopard.  Since I don’t possess a magic eraser, I aim for my magical makeup concealer.

 Dr. Wright’s Tip
Using concealer is the best way to cover any blemish or imperfection. It is best known to be used under the eye to hide dark circles. Concealer is the secret to gorgeous skin. The things you must know about concealers is choosing the right shade and knowing how to apply it. Choosing the right shade could be daunting.  You never want to go dark when choosing a concealer. This will make the skin under the eye seem darker. You want to aim for yellow shades to conceal dark circles under the eye. A green concealer over a red inflamed pimple will disguise the blemish. For darker skin types, you want to use orange shades. Avoid greasy or caulky formulations, they tend to crease and look unappealing. Make sure to test the product before buying. Remember the color of the concealer should be lighter than your foundation. We want the look to be seamless. For the perfect way to conceal any blemish or hide under eye dark circles, try our Prévia Cosmetics line of concealers. We carry an array of shades suited for our porcelain skin tones, to our ebony dark tones.

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