No Time to Shower? Need to Freshen up after an Exhausting Workout? Try Packing Oil-free Makeup-Remover Towelettes.

It is always handy to carry pre-moistened makeup cleansing towelettes. They are so convenient especially when you are on the go.  The benefit of makeup- remover towelettes is that they help with removing bacteria, sweat and makeup. For those days that you have time to spare, they help to dissolve your makeup before using your facial wash. Pre-moistened towels or wet wipes are perfect for removing makeup with one easy wipe.  They help remove stubborn make-up and deep cleanse down to the pore, while leaving skin silky smooth. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Makeup- remover towelettes are perfect when you are on the go. They help deep cleanse when you have no time to add water. You can purchase makeup- remover towelettes for any skin type. For sensitive skin, I recommend using hypoallergenic towelettes which will hydrate and not irritate the skin. For oily skin, use towelettes that are oil-free to avoid breakouts. You can also use them for makeup mistakes, like eye liner smudges. Use a makeup- remover towelette to remove only the eye liner smudge, that way you don’t have to start from scratch.


Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX