Birthday Expressions with Allison at SKIN MD & Beyond!

It is a Special Day at SKIN MD & Beyond, today we are celebrating Allison’s Birthday.  As mentioned previously Birthday Expressions, are where you get to know the person having a birthday, here at SKIN MD & Beyond, and their beauty secrets.  For Allison’s celebration day Allison would like to share with you her skin care regime.

A good skincare routine is important for overall health of the skin. I start my routine with Dr. Wright’s EXFOLIATING CLEANSER to slough off all of those dead skin cells from the night. I then apply REHYDRATION COMPLEX with VITAMIN C, followed by Elta’s MOISTURIZING SPF 30.  In the evening, I remove all my make-up with MILD GEL CLEANSER. For those occasional breakouts, I use Dr. Wright’s THERAPEUTIC MASK to draw out the impurities. Next, is the REHYDRATION COMPLEX again and finally RESTORATIVE MARINE MOISTURIZER to help hold in moisture especially during the colder months.  

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