Be Skin Savvy, when Planning a Summer Trip.

Summer-time vacation…… School is out and it is time to plan for a little R&R for you and your family. Before heading out, there are some things to know for travel preparation. Your skin needs to always look its best, especially when you are travelling. Since airplane rules have changed, we have some helpful travelling tips to ensure your skin will survive during your summer vacation.


Dr. Wright’s Tip

Travel preparation is important for your skin. First, you need to determine your vital skincare products. You should never leave home without a cleanser, a moisturizer, nighttime treatments, hand and body lotions, sunscreen and your makeup. Remember, tweezers, nail scissors and other sharp grooming objects are forbidden in checked baggage when on a plane. All liquids and personal items must be labeled and fit in a one-quart zip-lock bag and be in containers no larger than 3.4 oz. Also, check with for regulation and updates regarding air travel. Second, consider the climate. If your destination is drier than what you are accustomed, make sure to pack moisturizer. If you are traveling to a ski resort, even though there might be very little sun, you still need sunscreen. Third, pare down to the necessities and lose the clutter. A quart size zip-lock bag is not big at all; therefore, there is not much you can fit into it. There are some items, such as shampoo and conditioner, that can be obtained complimentary from the hotel. Be a savvy shopper and save perfume samples instead of using a full-size bottle. Consider our convenient travel-size samples of our #1 selling cleanser and hydrating moisturizer when planning a vacation.  Our EXFOLIATING CLEANSER and REHYDRATION COMPLEX with VITAMIN C can be placed in our convenient zipper closed container. We have also added an additional empty bottle for you to fill with any of your other skin care products you may need.

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