Happy Birthday to one of our Team ; Me! – Porchia!

It is a Special Day at SKIN MD & Beyond. It is my Birthday! So today, Dr. Wright has asked me to do my Birthday Expression. As mentioned previously, Birthday Expressions are where you get to know the beauty secrets of an employee here at SKIN MD & BEYOND on their birthday

Today I will spill the secret on my favorite skincare products, Radiance and BP Scrub. I suffer from acne, which many cannot tell because I take excellent care of my skin. First, I wash my face every night with Fiona Wright MD Skincare BP Scrub. It is formulated with BP – benzoyl peroxide-  which helps diminish the bacteria that cause acne. I also have hyperpigmented skin, which means I get dark spots, especially from acne blemishes. Second, I use Fiona Wright MD Skincare Radiance everyday, because it helps to block the melanin in my skin from getting darker. Designed with azelaic, glycolic, and kojic acids, these natural lightening agents work best on my skin to keep it smooth and even. Third, before going outside, I use a daily 30 percent SPF to block the sun’s harmful rays. Dr. Wright’s Radiance and BP Scrub are two products I cannot live without. Now you know a few of my beauty secrets.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX