Battle of the Bulge…..

Worried about those stubborn fat pockets that you can’t seem to find a solution to? We offer an injection that helps break up and rid your body of the fat. Mesotherapy can aid in reducing those areas that exercise does not seem to touch.

Dr. Wright’s Tips

Mesotherapy involves several small injections of naturally occurring substances that help to metabolize the fat and get rid of it! This is a great treatment to help eliminate and  contour away those stubborn areas. With several small injections made in the problem area, you may experience a burning sensation after the injections, as well bruising and swelling can occur.  The number of treatments is completely dependent on each person. Mesotherapy helps stimulate the release of fat from the cell and allows your body to get rid of it. Mesotherapy has far less side effects than liposuction and it is not surgical!

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