Alluring eyes for any event.

The latest makeup trends seem to set no limits to a color palette, as well as application techniques. In order to master the spring and summer “bright eye” makeup tips, it is important to experiment with different looks & colors. Find tones that best complement your eye color, as well as shapes and angles that would help you make the proper fashion statement. Draw some inspiration from the chic runway looks.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
You might need some inspiration when preparing for a stylish party season. Use your creativity when choosing an eye shadow color. The best technique for the summer is highlighting the inner corners of your eye with a vanilla color or a shimmer to make your eyes more alluring. The April 2011 edition of InStyle Magazine  states, “purple is in for spring”. By adding purple to your eyelid, it will make you look alluring for any event. You could try doing a “smoky eye” appearance with various colors of purple.  Try using our Dirty Love, by Dr. Wright’s Prévia Cosmetics line, which is both alluring and flattering to any eye. It makes a great statement when you are daring to be bold with your choice of color for spring.

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