3 Things to Ask At Your Initial Consultation

Getting any sort of cosmetic or medical surgery done on your skin can be a bit frightening. Although you can ensure that you get the best results by choosing a trusted doctor, like doctor Wright, it’s still important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and what kinds of results you can expect. Here are three things that you should ask your doctor during your initial consultation.

What is the Procedure like?
chemical peels Plano TXFrom chemical peels to removing cancerous moles, it’s important to go into a procedure not expecting any sort of surprise. Ask your doctor what the procedure is like— will it be painful? How long does it take? What can you expect to hear or see? For instance, if your doctor is removing a cancerous mole and has to cauterize it, you might see some smoke emanating from your face and you might smell something burning. Go into your procedure completely informed with this question alone.

What is recovery like?
Have a big beach vacation planned a few weeks after your procedure? Having family pictures taken in just a few days? Depending on the type of skin surgery or procedure you are having done, you may want to reschedule your appointment if your plans will interfere with proper recovery. For instance, if you are getting a chemical peel done, you need to avoid direct contact with the sun for a few weeks afterwards— which means that if you do have a beach vacation planned, you may want to reschedule your surgery until after you get back.
Whether you are having a procedure or surgery done for cosmetic or medical reasons, it’s nice to know what all of your options are— that way, you can make a more informed decision about what is best for you and your skin.

By understanding the procedure, recovery, and your options when it comes to any sort of skin related surgery or procedure, you can become a more informed patient. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, contact Dr. Wright today!

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