Explore Non-Surgical Solutions for a Droopy Brow


You want your appearance to represent who you really are. If your eyelids are heavy, with loose skin pushed down by a droopy brow, you look older and more tired than you may feel on the inside. Historically, the issue of facial aging has been placed into the hands of skilled plastic surgeons. Today, men and women wanting to revive their eyes can do so without getting anywhere near a surgical suite or scalpel.

Are you ready to reinstate a more youthful esthetic? Let’s look at a few non-surgical treatments that can liven up your eyes.


Most people are familiar with Botox Cosmetic. This injectible solution is what started it all; the entire dive into the anti-aging age. Initially approved for the treatment of glabellar lines, or the furrows that develop between the brows. Today, it is used for crow’s feet and other concerns related to dynamic movement, including a drooping brow.

The way that Botox can lift the brow is by easing the aggressive contraction of the muscles located just beneath them. When the downward pull of the muscle is inhibited, the brow is released back to its proper location.

Radio Frequency

Dr. Wright is happy to offer multiple solutions to esthetic concerns. Skin laxity and drooping brows also respond in a positive manner to our ThermiSmooth radio frequency treatment. This method of eye rejuvenation works differently than Botox, and is an excellent alternative for those who prefer a completely natural technique. Multiple treatments are necessary for lasting, notable results; but the improvements achieved can last a year or more with the occasional touch-up.

Radio frequency treatments compliment the body’s innate healing response. Each treatment delivers thermal energy into the dermis, where collagen formation takes place. Here, strands of collagen that have degraded with age are restructured. Over time, healthy new collagen repairs the frayed, weakened strands. As this rebuilding continues, the overlying skin becomes smoother and tighter. Patients with concerns such as heavy brows and sagging eyelid skin tend to notice a difference in the appearance of their eyes within a few short, comfortable treatments.

Let your eyes reveal your inner vibrancy. Call (972) 608-0808 to learn more about eyelid rejuvenation.

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