What you Need to know about Cream Foundations

Cream foundations are mostly available as sticks and compacts – and the latest formulas come in an emollient base. Cream foundations are the first choice of most of the makeup artists as they cover skin quite well and give a flawless smooth look. They are easy to apply too.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Use the lightest consistency of foundation your skin type will allow. If you have good clear skin, use a light foundation, if you have lots of blemishes you will need a heavier foundation. There is also foundation available which specifically neutralizes a lot of colorations. Of the different types of foundation available, cream foundation is especially suited for dry skin. Cream foundation is long lasting and gives an even tone even under strong light. Cream foundation is preferred for mature skin as well because it helps to hide wrinkles and fine lines. Skin that is prone to acne should be cleansed with a good quality cleanser because cream foundation can clog pores and aggravate acne. You can also purchase cream foundations with a built in sunscreen. If you have a special evening event, there are some cream foundations with shimmer overtones and when they are used with satin finished powder, they give the face a glowing finish.  One of the most popular lines of our cream foundations is found in the easy-to-apply OXYGENETIX which is a breathable foundation that can help with a lot of skin problems and the biggest thing is it gives the skin the added oxygen that it needs.

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