Is Liquid Foundation Right For You?

As we discussed in the previous blog, foundation is the first cosmetic to be applied on the face while doing your makeup to serve as the base for the look that you are going to “paint” later. Picking the right foundation that best suits your skin, color and tone is necessary as it will determine if you look natural or like you have clown makeup on.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

A thin film of LIQUID FOUNDATON is best for “natural look” makeup and is most commonly used by women for daily purposes. It is easy to apply and is not easily visible. It comes in oil-based formulas for people with dry to normal skin and water-based formulas for people with oily skin. It is very important to match the foundation to your natural face complexion and the tone of your color. Our Prévia COSMETIC FOUNDATIONS come in pink-based, orange-based and yellow-based formulas. Yellow based is said to fit most of the women and is thus, very popular. The best way to apply liquid foundation is to start with the liquid foundation, one damp sponge and one concealer.  Make sure the color of your foundation matches your skin perfectly, particularly along the jaw line. If you can, try to see the foundation in day light before you buy it. It can look quite different under shop lights. Before apply foundation, make sure and cleanse, tone and moisturize the face. Pick up some foundation with the sponge-but not too much. Also remember to dampen your sponge because a dry sponge will soak up all your foundation. Start in the center of your face and move outwards. Draw the foundation outwards rather than down. Make sure that it is spread evenly. If you have any blemishes that you can see through the foundation, you can use concealer to cover them. Note: if you put on concealer before the foundation it will be wiped away by the sponge.

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