What is the Best Foundation for Asian Skin?

Choosing the right color of foundation can be very difficult given the many variation of pigments in different complexions.  Skin colors can range from light to dark, pink to neutral, olive to pale.  It’s not enough to just match the color of foundation; you should keep in mind your skin type, pigment, and complexion that you have. These are like the canvas which one paints on so it’s only natural that you, its artist, make sure you only paint with the best colors and tools available. You need to ask yourself: is it oily, dry, combination, or sensitive?  The best way to find out what foundation would be the best match would be to go to a beauty store (or come here to SKIN MD and Beyond) where they (or we) can test different shades on your skin. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Finding the right foundation for yellow-based complexions can be a little tricky than other colors.  It’s important to stay away from pink or red undertones, as they can make you look darker. In the case of yellow complexions, it’s important to experiment some. To avoid looking too yellowy, try mixing a little bit of neutral foundation to dilute the color. To hide imperfections, try using a concealer that’s a shade lighter than your foundation, and apply it on areas that need more coverage. Then apply your foundation on top of it. To add a nice dewy look, you can finish off by using an iridescent powder.  Try our Prévia COSMETIC foundations and concealers which come in a wide variety of shades for all skin types.

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