Do you have hair on your feet? Try Laser Hair Removal


Do you have unwanted hair on your feet? Then we have some good news –you don’t have to shave anymore! You can do laser hair removal to keep the hair away!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

There is definitely nothing attractive about wearing beautiful sandals but having the hair show on your toes and tops of your feet. If you have been shaving the hair on your toes or tops of your feet- then there is an alternative. As long as the hair has pigment (color) to it you can remove the hair by laser. When you shave that hair you usually are left with the stubbiness and irritation (if not cuts because this is a hard area to shave).  If you elect to do laser hair removal-it usually takes 4-6 treatments to destroy the hair. The area can be numbed before treatment with a topical anesthetic to help with any discomfort. Remember, there is nothing attractive about hairy feet, so call us to schedule an appointment today and you can have prettier feet for summer.

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