What can You do about your Dry Lips?

For our lips -certain times of the year they can be worse than others – and it is not fun to have dry lips! Lips are one of the most exposed areas of skin and are more vulnerable to the environment than any other part of our face. If your lips are peeling and bleeding- we have some suggestions below for you.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

  1. Minimize the dryness of your lips by avoiding alcohol and caffeine and trying to drink plenty of water.
  2. Use a humidifier at home to keep the air moist.
  3. Avoid licking your lips as saliva evaporates quickly and leaves lips drier than before you licked them.
  4. Treat and prevent chapped lips by applying  a lip balm with SPF. For an ultra-moisturizing experience look for a lip balm containing petrolatum (Aquaphor) or beeswax (Burt’s Bees). Moisture balms should be applied throughout the day, after eating and before going to bed to achieve the best results.
  5. Check that your lipstick contains condition-enhancing ingredients. Some of these ingredients would be shea butter, wheatgerm oil and natural waxes.
  6. Applying your lip balm to a smooth surface is also important- so exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush when brushing your teeth. You can also apply lip exfoliating creams that contain salicylic acid.

Several causes of dry lips are: obstructed breathing, contact dermatitis and certain medications (like those that treat acne) which can dry out the lips. Consult your physician if the problem persists because it can become a major problem and no one wants lips that are dry looking!

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