Unveil Lighter Brighter Skin with Vitamin C


Ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C is effective in lightening dark spots on the skin and reducing wrinkles. Vitamin C also plays a role in destroying free radicals( environmental skin stressors)  and boosting your immune system. It is also used as a natural way to repair damaged skin like scar tissue and aids in the production of collagen as well.  Many at-home products are available for daily usage – but at Skin MD and Beyond we also offer our patients the ability to have a physician grade deep skin infusion of Vitamin C .  Our DermaSweep Dermal Infusion Treatments are the latest most effective way to get the best skin health possible – by exfoliating off the dead layers all the while penetrating the dermal layers with ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, giving you the deepest penetration of this skin brightening serum.
Dr. Wright’s Tip

DermaSweep is mentioned in the August issue of Marie Claire as a “Go To” acne treatment and with our DermaSweep MicroResurfacing with the Vitamin C Epi-Infusion it is a great treatment for red-carpet-ready skin or for any special occasion! The combination of the gentle bristle tip exfoliation and the skin specific level of the DermaSweep vacuum pressure, we can offer the exact strength and depth needed to target your problematic skin layers. Then with an infusion of our Vitamin C Epi-infusion, combined with the deep moisturizing benefits of Hydrating Hyaluronan, you will glow with an overall improvement of skin tone, health and radiant beautiful skin!

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