Who has the Fairest Skin of them All?


Do you always dread it when the time comes to wash your face? Does your skin feel tight or waxy afterwards? Does it take an hour before your skin finally feels “normal” again? Your skin may be lacking the adequate hydration it needs and your facial cleanser may be stripping essential facial oils. If you answered yes to any of our questions, then Dr. Wright’s HYDRATING CLEANSER may be the answer you are looking for. This revolutionary water-based cleanser was design to cleanse skin thoroughly and remove make-up while allowing the skin to absorb its hydrating properties. This light-weight cleanser will provide the necessary moisture to prevent dry, red irritation and allow your skin to be more accepting of other products.


Dr. Wright’s Tip

An estimated one in four adults suffers from very dry skin, which is exacerbated in winter by cold weather and central heating. Left untreated, it can leave sufferers feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious.  Dry skin isn’t simply a cosmetic condition — it’s a symptom that the skin’s natural protective barrier has been damaged. This allows irritants, dirt, bacteria, and yeast into pores causing inflammation or infection. There is no easier way to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier for added protection against this damage than an effective healing and hydrating cleanser.

My fortified HYDRATING CLEANSER  will remove all makeup and impurities while it treats environmentally damaged skin, giving it a renewed, nourished and silky smooth feel. It is Ideal for rosacea-prone skin, smokers, travelers and all skin types needing more moisture.


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