Trying to Lose Weight? Think the HCG Diet

Abs Thigh Hips MeasureWith the holidays just around the corner and bikini season quickly falling behind us, people everywhere are starting to be concerned that they will gain weight during the colder months. And although extra holiday parties filled with your favorite treats may attribute to some added pounds, the holidays don’t have to be a dreaded time of year for your physique. In order to keep off any added weight this year or to lose some exisitng weight, try the HCG diet. Read on to learn more about this diet plan.

What Is the HCG Diet?

With so many fad diets out there, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest trend. However, the HCG diet is far from a trend— in fact, it has been proven to work by thousands of individuals across the country.

HCG is a hormone that pregnant women produce, however, by being adminstered to patients through injections a few times a day, HCG is proven to help people lose weight quickly. In fact, many people can lose up to one pound per day— which is basically unheard of. By getting injections and following a very low calorie diet of about 500 calories per day, individuals can obtain results they never thought were possible.

Is the HCG Diet Healthy?

Because you’re not consulting very many calories per day, the HCG diet has received some speculation from doctors and consumers across the globe. However, due to the HCG injections themselves, this diet is really safe. HCG limits your appetite significantly, so that you won’t feel hungry during this diet. Also, HCG will allow you to maintain your healthy muscle while losing the excess fat.

Who is Eligible for the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is for anybody and definitely shouldn’t be done by women who are pregnant or nursing. Before you start the HCG diet, consult a licensed physician regarding whether or not it will be beneficial or detrimental to your overall health.

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