The Eyes Have It!

Sunken eyes, or as we know it, raccoon eyes can make your eyes look un-rested and can add years to your appearance. What causes sunken eyes is the protruding lower eyelid, creating a dark circle under the eye, a hallmark of eyelid aging. But with Dr. Wright’s Eye Bright Procedure tired old eyes can be a thing of the past. With precision placement, Dr. Wright fills the cheek and part of the deficit under the eye orbit, providing a shapelier contour and eliminating the hollow gaunt appearance.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

The volume loss under the eyes can be noticed when the lower eyelid becomes lax and as a result, normal fat beneath the eyelid protrudes or pushes out on the eyelid and creates eye bags or puffy eyes. This protruding lower eyelid tissue creates a shadow in the normal depression below the eyelid and creates dark circles. Adding an eye treatment that is formulated with hylaronic acid will maintain and rid the eyes from those deep dark tracks. Hyaluronan Facial Fillers like Restylane are ideal for eye hollow rejuvenation. This product is soft, malleable, immediately correctible and ideal to mold without leaving lumps. The procedure is almost painless with a topical application of anesthetic cream. The procedure takes only 20 minutes and the results are immediate.

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