Special Day At SKIN MD and Beyond

The Day for my wedding is almost here. All of the anticipation and stress has led up to this moment. Before the big day I take time out for me, and make sure my skin is up to par. I first start off with my round of Botox, just to give myself a brow lift. This will give me a youthful bright look without having too much done. I usually receive my Botox  2 weeks before any event. This is because it takes Botox seven to ten das to set and by then I know if I need any additional Botox. Next, I prepare my skin with a microdermabrasion. This will remove any dead skin and will allow radiant skin to shine on my wedding day. Sunday, July the 3rd is the day for my wedding. I cannot wait until that day. All I know is that I will feel and look great on that glorious day.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX