How Swimming can Affect your Skin.

Chlorine is widely used as an agent that can kill many waterborne germs and parasites. So it is used both in the water supplied to our homes and in swimming pools. Though the amount of chlorine that comes to us in the piped water does not cause any irritation, the chlorinated water in the swimming pool can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and also the skin. Apart from these you will also find that your hair feels rough after you have had a good swim in the pool.


Dr. Wright’s Tip

Chlorine is a well known oxidizing agent. It also has the ability to kill germs. But chlorine in excess can also kill any living tissue. This does not spare your skin, which is a living tissue. Chlorine can actually age your skin quickly. This element has a drying effect on both skin and hair. Even though you might be swimming in water, the chlorine present in it actually dehydrates the skin rather than the water of the pool hydrating it. It is said that chlorine can also kill some small amounts of proteins in our body. To reduce the aging effect that chlorine can do, you can purchase a water filter that will remove dirt, debris and chlorine in the water. After the swim, make sure to rub on some hydrating moisturizer or lotion on your skin. Do this even if the water does not have much chlorine because water, surprisingly, dries up your skin by removing the beneficial oils present on it.

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