Sclerotherapy: Commonly Asked Questions

Laser Vein Removal Plano and Frisco TXIf you’re bothered by unsightly veins that sit near the surface of the skin, you may think there’s not much to be done about them. And though your spider veins can be hidden by wearing pants or long skirts, do you really want to be restricted to just those options this summer? Sclerotherapy can help get rid of unsightly spider veins and help you feel more confident baring your legs this summer.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Essentially, sclerotherapy is a type of treatment that involves injecting a solution into unsightly veins. This solution then leads the vein to die off and disappear, leaving you with beautiful, clear skin.

What happens after sclerotherapy treatment?

There is some mild pain for some patients. Some will opt for a topical numbing cream, while others go without. The injected site will appear bruised and swollen for a few days as the veins “heal”. Wearing bandages and wraps can relieve the swelling and pain. Bruising may last for a few weeks, but will vary depending on the patient. One will have no problem with walking, and it’s actually encouraged after sclerotherapy. After the first two days, most patients can resume their normal activities.

When can the treatment be done?

Sclerotherapy is an elective procedure and can be done whenever the individual wants to have it done without a long list of prerequisites. This treatment is done on an outpatient basis during normal office hours. You can resume most of your daily activities shortly after each session.

What happens if spider veins are not treated?

Spider veins are small veins which are just a cosmetic nuisance, and they will not do you any harm. They do not form blood clots, they do not ache, and they aren’t painful. If you aren’t bothered by them, you can avoid treatment without problem.

Do I have to limit any activity after the treatment?

Walking is highly recommended soon after the procedure. But any high activity sports should be avoided for the first 2-3 days.

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