Saving Face, Without Surgery, by using Facial Fillers for a Rejuvenating Face Lift.

Your friend left work on Friday and returned on Monday looking rested, relaxed and youthful. Were you tempted to ask her secret?  Many doctors are taking long-recovery face lifts off the menu and instead serving up weekend treatments of Botox and skin-tightening lasers to achieve similar results.

Are you afraid of surgery and/or having to live with irreversible results? Then, hop on board to the filler express. It is a simple procedure that has little or no downtime. Using dermal fillers and Botox Cosmetic, alone or in combination, adds volume to skin and relaxes facial muscles so that wrinkles and creases are smoothed.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
If you are seeking an on-going, regular program of treatments to slow the appearance of aging in your facial features, then Botox/ Dysport and Facial Fillers are for you!  These products are  highly successful, non-surgical ways to beautifully contour the face. But remember, that when trusting your face to a stranger, ensure that these advanced techniques are done only by an experienced physician. If the wrong amount of Botox/ Dysport is used or the wrong muscle is targeted, you may end up with an uneven brow, droopy eyelids or a crooked face for months. At Skin MD and Beyond we have the distinct honor of being in the top 1% of Botox Injectors. Due to my experience and reputation for excellence, I have the pleasure of serving on several National Expert Advisory Panels and Educational Medical Faculties for several aesthetic companies. Plus, I hold a Black Diamond Status from Allergan – the makers of Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm Facial Filler.

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