If you Smoke and have Acne, it is Time to Quit Now.

Smoking has been shown to make acne worse since it diminishes the delivery of oxygen to the skin and robs it of nutrients. The skin is thin, looks sallow, often has broken capillaries and is less able to repair itself because its nutrient supply has been cut off or diminished.

 Dr. Wright’s Tip
Smoking causes skin to age prematurely and a smoker’s skin will eventually look shriveled, dull, heavily wrinkled and blotchy. Smokers also develop their own particular brand of wrinkles, like smoker lines that are around the lips. Don’t smoke. If you won’t quit for health reasons, maybe vanity will motivate you. I know trying to stop smoking can be hard but look on the bright side, you will feel better and look better. I know it is easier said than done, however there is help and resources to stop smoking. For additional information on trying to stop smoking go to www.smokefree.gov.

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