Permanent Make-up can Enhance your look!

Imagine waking up every day with makeup perfectly applied. Envision… always looking your best, no matter what! Do not fret, this can become a reality! There are thousands of women who are enjoying the benefits of permanent makeup. With permanent eyeliner, you can enhance the natural shape of your eye.  A complementary color can make your lashes appear thicker and darker. Eyebrows frame the eyes, creating openness around the eye resulting in a more attractive and youthful look. With aging, our lips lose volume and become narrower and less defined. Lip liner and full lip shading can make thin or crooked lips appear fuller and more symmetrical.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is ideal if you have an active lifestyle, wear contacts, have personal limitations or participate in sports. Our clients find the procedure very tolerable as every step is taken to ensure your comfort. Enhance your natural features with permanent makeup. Wake up beautiful and look your best 24 hours a day!

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