Get yourself Camera Ready.


CAMERA READY FOUNDATION primer is part of Dr. Wright’s Prévia Cosmetic Line, and it is the perfect way to minimize the appearance of fine lines, smoothe skin texture and keep your  foundation in place all day. This springtime sensation can also be worn alone and will reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. The matte appearance lasts all day and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.  Pictures can tell all, especially if you are taking proper care of your skin. Within pictures, you can see every wrinkle, fine line and enlarged pore. Therefore, makeup can be your best friend or enemy when it comes to your photographs. The important thing is to know the purpose of your photograph, whether it is for a wedding or just a drivers’ license photo. You wouldn’t wear the same makeup for night as for the day and the same applies for photos. Certain types of foundation could cause shine from the flash of the camera.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
It’s always intriguing to see what professional makeup artists use and why they do so. Have you ever taken pictures in dim lighting and then noticed that your face looks completely washed out and ghostly? Applying makeup for photos involves specific techniques. You have to make sure you use the right makeup to give your face dimension and structure. Also, wearing powder makeup can add a shine.  Therefore, your best option would be airbrush makeup which goes on smooth and even. If you don’t have the time or money for airbrush makeup try using a makeup primer, like our CAMERA READY FOUNDATION primer under your makeup. It will help keep your makeup in place ALL day!

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