Make-up tip in being picture perfect.

Have you noticed that when you take pictures, you often look tired or your face appears to be saggy? This causes people to think that you are older then you really are. Well, we have the tip that will give you the power of illusion without surgery or needles. The eyes are the windows to the soul and they can tell all. If you are taking pictures or just going out, we have a quick makeup tip that will make you look youthful and well rested.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
Pictures can last forever, which is why you need to look your best in every one you take. You never know who might view that picture. Before going out apply a brow pencil or powder along the top line of the arch. Remember the color will need to match with the brow hair. So if you are a brunette, then you will need a dark brown color. Make sure your eyebrows are defined and groomed. Then apply a brow highlighter under the arch. This will allow the light to focus on the most flattering area. Also, remember when taking pictures to raise your brow. This will give you a youthful look and give you the appearance of a face lift. Try our Prévia Cosmetic line, which includes Brow Powder colors in ash brown, dark brunette, and blonde. We have a variety of colors to match blondes or brunettes.

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