How to rid the legs of embarrassing spider veins.

Do you have an occupation that requires you to be on your feet all day long? If you said yes, then you may have dis-flattering spider veins on your legs. Also, if your mother has spider veins, then blame it on heredity, because you may suffer as well. For those who would like to know what spider veins are, they are blue or red veins under the surface of the skin. They may be raised or swollen in appearance. Spider veins also can cause symptom such as aching, heaviness, itching and night cramps. Laser treatments are one method that can be used to get rid of spider veins, or sclerotherapy.

Dr. Wright’s Tip
With the advancement of cosmetics technology there are different affordable options. One way is sclerotherapy, which is a simple in-office procedure that requires no down time. A solution is injected into the vein causing them to collapse and fade away. You may need multiple treatments for maximum results. Side affects can be a burning sensation from the solution, and also cramping and discomfort that may last for only 5 minutes. Laser treatments can also treat spider veins, by using intense light to permanently rid the legs of the purple, blue and red veins. It may require several treatments, and you may experience slight bruising that can be minimized with taking Vitamin K supplements.

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