Happy Birthday to one of our Team; Dawn!

It is a Special Day at SKIN MD & Beyond, and it is Dawn’s Birthday. So today she will do her Birthday Expression. As mentioned previously Birthday Expressions, are where you get to know the person having a birthday here at SKIN MD & Beyond and their beauty secrets. 

Dawn’s Tip
My main focus is to tone and restore. I have very fair sensitive skin and it is funny that way. Anything I apply to my skin can irritate and cause my skin to become inflamed and bothersome. I try to avoid introducing anything new to my skin without testing certain areas. However, my skin regime consists of products that help to tone and restore. What I do to tone down my red spots is to conceal. Normally in the fall and winter I receive a photofacial to correct any red pigmentation on my skin. In the summer is it hard to avoid the sun and that is one of the specifications when getting photofacials. Since that is inevitable, I use Dr. Wright’s Prévia Cosmetic concealer, which is in a convenient lipstick shaped tube. I use N4 which is a neutral shade to conceal the red I am trying to hide in the summer, or any season. Next would be tightening, which I use Prévia Restore and Rebuild, that helps to restore vital elements lost to aging and hormonal change. Since my skin is maturing, I want to make sure I am replacing elements lost with age-defying peptides and potent anti-oxidants. Try the Prévia

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